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The Center for Positive Living Supports

The Center for Positive Living Supports is an affiliate of MORC, Inc. that provides expert training and coaching in gentle teaching and other positive supports.  These approaches are pertinent to providers, direct care workers and families supporting and caring for people with developmental disabilities who are at risk of being placed in restrictive environments or experiencing restrictive strategies.

All of the training is based on non-intrusive, non-restraint, person-friendly approaches to dealing with challenging behaviors.  The goal is to facilitate successful community living by validating each individual’s humanity, offering an environment where the person feels safe and building connections to others.

What Types of Trainings are Available?

Overview of a Culture of Gentleness


This seminar is designed to provide individuals with a basic overview of a Culture of Gentleness, what it is and what it isn’t.  An introduction to the Central Purpose and the Six Elements will be provided. This opportunity would be ideal for board members, administrators and others who do not provide direct service but have an interest in that area. This seminar can be conducted in ninety (90) minute, half day, or full day increments depending upon the depth of information desired.

This service may also be the opportunity to meet with administrative staff and direct caregivers as a follow-up to a consultation. During this session, a basic overview of a Culture of Gentleness will be provided in relation to the individual(s) served.


Working with People:  This two-day training deepens a person’s understanding of the need to feel safe with others and valued by others.  It explores how interactions can either increase or reduce a person’s sense of safety and value.  This is based on how supportive or demanding our actions are interpreted.  Two additional elements that contribute to a person’s sense of security is the knowledge of what is coming next and recognizing and planning for change.


Culture of Gentleness Practicum: We are all more successful when we have a circle of supports and quality relationships that help us navigate the more difficult parts of day to day life. The Culture of Gentleness’ foundation relies on the feelings we strive to create, the actions we can take, and the planning we initiate to create a safe and positive environment. This three (3) day training is a hands-on experience in the Culture of Gentleness for all those working in helping professions including, but not limited to, first-line supervisors, managers, support coordinators, and clinical staff. This training is essential for those looking to become certified mentors or trainers in their own organizations, but is limited to 18 participants because of the intimate setting and design.


Leading in a Culture of Gentleness: This training is offered primarily to executive leadership, supervisors and managers with the goal of guiding them towards implementing the Six Elements to Relationship Building as a management strategy for sustaining a Culture of Gentleness in the workplace.


Gentle Mentor Training: This Online training prepares the learner for the role of mentor in a Culture of Gentleness Practicum.


Mentoring in a Culture of Gentleness Practicum: In this training, individuals will be supervised in mentoring small groups through training activities and one on one interactions with those served.


Train the Trainer:  For those becoming Certified Trainers, this training will certify them to conduct Working with People within their own organizations.  The Train the Trainer session is designed for individuals who are interested in certification to train the two day “Working with People” training for their organization.. It is for individuals who have completed the following prerequisite training:


  • Working with People
  • Culture of Gentleness Practicum
  • Mentoring in a Culture of Gentleness Practicum-On-line
  • Mentoring at least once in a Culture of Gentleness Practicum
  • Completing an independent training project (see below)
  • Complete the 3-day Train The Trainer
  • Observation of your training for certification


Management Series:  This is for those becoming Certified Mentors.  It consists of three trainings:  (1) how to design and implement visual schedules to improve outcomes for individuals served; (2) how to run successful staff meetings that help caregivers feel safe and valued, as well as provide teaching opportunities on how to support those in care; and (3) how to de-brief critical incidents and address secondary trauma that may have been caused by the event.


Mentoring Certification


Understanding a Culture of Gentleness requires a depth of the principles that cannot be gleaned from one or two classes. This certification is for those who are interested in leading or mentoring direct support professionals in providing a culture of support for others. The process for acquiring certification includes participation in the following:


  • Working with People
  • Culture of Gentleness Practicum
  • Mentoring in a Culture of Gentleness Practicum-On-line
  • Leading in a Culture of Gentleness
  • Management Series – How to Implement Schedules
  • Management Series – How to Run Staff Meetings
  • Management Series – How to Debrief Critical Incidents
  • Complete an independent mentor project


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